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Writers vs. Writers
16th-Aug-2006 06:45 pm
Something silly to offer on the topic.

Turning my head
Side to side
I hear the oddest sound
Of my sanity cracking
And falling to rubble
And all that rattling
Has made my composure falter
My eyes stare vacantly and wild
As something slips
From within my ear
At my feet are little spheres
Polished shiny by the friction
Of knocking about in my skull
I’ve lost my marbles
Maybe I’ll use them
Brightly colored as they are
To line a fountain
Or a fishbowl
Or perhaps I’ll break them down further
To make a mosaic table
That way my mind will always be with me
Even when it’s not
I think it may be more useful then

8/16/06 RB
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