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Writers vs. Writers
New Delirium Topic Sparks Poem Writing...news at 11 =P 
5th-Jul-2005 11:28 am
Would you fancy another Frapp M'luv?
Why I do believe I do.
This is a posh establishment,
Would you pass me a book or two?
Care for a game of Masterpiece?
Isn't that Frapp-boy divine?
Are you prepared for Literati?
My- this scone is sublime.
I'm reading the most interesting article,
Can you believe what they've said is true?
Bad accents over coffee**
Can be awfully good for you.

~RB 7/3/05

**actual delirium topic
6th-Jul-2005 02:09 pm (UTC) - stalling for time
So, the topic is, "Bad accents over coffee." Hmm... very nice!

Hehe... the Johnny! "Isn't that Frapp-boy divine?"
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