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Writers vs. Writers
Oh forget it. 
4th-Oct-2004 07:46 pm
I tried issuing a challenge, but I found even myself to be unresponsive. I just wasn't inspired. So, new challenge.

ABC poetry
26 lines, each starting with a letter of the alphabet, alphabetically of course. And all starting in full words, not a for A, the for t, etc. If you can't think of something as a topic persay, use "the abyss" from the previous post.
I'll start it off by commenting to this post. It's actually rather fun, so I hope someone will want to try it.
5th-Oct-2004 03:02 am (UTC) - I didn't say it had to be good...
...so here's my entry...(it's something like stream of consciousness)

About the time I feel most discontent
Brand new things result
Catching me offguard.
Deliberately, I search out things to amuse me
Expecting to be diverted at the least.
Fundamentally, it's possible...
Good luck finding it to result
How is it that time is so fickle
Idiotically, I expect it to change
Jester-like it amuses itself at my expense
Kicking me in the pants, while I'm down
Love is another matter altogether
Maddening, it hides itself from view
Never evident easily
Obsequiousity I never knew
Passively, I exist at times
Quitting was never an option
Resolution comes and goes
Severing ties and re-forging them
Tell me again what my point was?
Undoubtably, I've rambled enough
Voracity is necessary to writing
Willingness evades and steals inspiration
Xanadu can be imagined
Yowling through the mind
Zip my lips--I'm finished.

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