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Writers vs. Writers
1st-Sep-2004 11:03 am - Moonflowers
scarlet_bugg Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a dragonfly that lighten on the iridescent leaves of a moonflower, radiant in the bluish glow of the nearby watery moon, Orbus. The scent of fairy mischief was heavy in the air, and from all around, one could hear rustling bushes and laughter like the tinkling of tiny bells...

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11th-Aug-2004 08:33 pm - Delirious
Dresden Kiss
Well, I guess I could post my offering for the "Red Drink Umbrella" Derliriums topic. I will post my personal one at a later date, because it's a sort of vignette/short-short story right now, and I want to flesh it out a bit. (Kecky liked it, though.) :)
So, without any further ado....

Red Drink Umbrella

Little red umbrella
You've been so good to me
My drink has stayed so nice and cool
And all because of thee
It wouldn't be the same, in fact
I don't think I'd survive
A melted coco-mango mixer
From heat turned up past 105
You've saved the day again, my friend
My vital drink, you've kept from waste
As I guzzle down, I tip my hat
To this cold, cold sugar-rummy taste
Red drink umbrella, never leave,
I couldn't bear it if you go
In summertime, you keep me sane
You save my heart from saddened woe
No prospect of a watery drink
When my friend red is near
A parade, three shouts, a leap for joy, for
Drink umbrella of the year!

~Saucy Minx
08/09/04 (1:07 PM)

I know...there is *sort of* a rhyme scheme, which is different for me. Perhaps that's why there is really no meter to it at all. Ah well, it's all in good fun, n-e way. :) Cheers to all my peeps!
10th-Aug-2004 01:55 am - *drumroll*
New Delirium Topics
~all randomly pulled from the Delirium Jar~

Chloe: "Masquerade"

Kat: "Sunrise in a Glass"

Vanessa: "Polished Marble Stairs"

Kecky: "Tying Knots in my Imagination"

Group Delirium: "Antique Silver Wedding Ring"

Let the games begin!
(/cheesy pitch lines)

*mumbles to self* I'm way to tired to still be awake doing this...
My personal topic:
yellowCollapse )

Group Delirium:
Red Drink UmbrellaCollapse )

Alternate Delirium results:

Possessed DuckyCollapse )

Red Drink UmbrellaCollapse )

Yeah, so I was a little prolific. I had a really hard time getting into the topics, especially yellow. Hope you liked the results.
9th-Aug-2004 05:34 pm - Calling all Tarts..
Hello all you lovely Ladies. It's that time again.

This month's Literati will be held TONIGHT (August 9th) at 7p.m. @ the Barnes and Noble cafe.

I hope all of you have had time to write a little something on your Delirium topics. As a reminder, the group topic was "Red Drink Umbrella."

I'm looking forward to hearing all your new work, so I hope everyone can make it. (Chloe: of course, darling, you're exempt... but just this once. Don't forget to post your juicy contributions here later on tonight.)

I don't know if anyone took the time to remind you, Kat, but I do hope you can make it.
This may very well be the last Literati we have in person for a while, what with Kat going back to school and Chloe in the land of corporate Oz, i.e. S.F.

Here's to Literati! *raises her glass*
8th-Aug-2004 11:17 pm - Letum: Microtome
*Here's a hack job at starting Letum. I'll flash up Chrys' bio later. Your turn, Kat darling. Here's to getting back into the swing of things... to fiction! *cheers*


His chilling gaze bore directly into her and ricocheted disastrously about inside her mind, scattering any sense she had left. Hundreds of eyes seared her skin with their intensity; loathing, revulsion, spite all present and accounted for. A fly thrummed by and landed beside her, sporadically twitching its wings in anticipation for a fresh meal. Her stomach knotted itself over again as she resigned to the fact she was trapped, the door was too far away and the window was just overkill.

"Chrys, if you please?"

She looked back at the window and raised an eyebrow.

"Enough suspense, your microtome presentation is complete?"Read more...Collapse )
13th-Jul-2004 07:36 am - Rendezvous Dueling
Compliments of kecky the bawdy strumpet and ofarrell the cheeky wench.

Return To Me
Why didn't I see the moon fall from the sky,
how could I have missed its absence?
Why didn't I see you drift away,
how could I have missed your good-bye?

I called to the four winds when you left;
Asking them where you had gone.
But though the traveled far- they had no eyes to see.
I wander as a ghost- seeking you.

There were other important things
that somehow lost their brilliance.
Tarnished trophies scattered around me
give this void of you a metallic taste.

Nothing in this world retains its value
All fades as dust and crumbles in my hand,
You are absent and my soul is parched and bleeding
Return to me, that I may mend my heart.

I tried to patch the rend you leftCollapse )
13th-Jul-2004 06:52 am - Deliriums
Here are the randomly chosen delirium topics for next PG.

Group Topic: Red Drink Umbrella
ofarrell: crushed butterfly wings
kecky: yellow
katalyst: forgotten languages
scarlet_bugg: alabaster skin

* The next Literati will be Monday August 9th @ 7pm, most likely at the B&N cafe. Savvy?
12th-Jul-2004 11:46 pm - Literati topics
Group delirium: January MorningCollapse )

Personal delirium: Lips whisper secrets along the length of the neckCollapse )

I'm excited to start working on next months deliriums, which Chloe should be posting at some time, possibly tonight. I know I'm prolific, but I can't pass up the chance to write on a given topic. It keeps me going. Besides, I've had so much inspiration lately. *wink wink*
12th-Jul-2004 08:45 pm(no subject)
exhausted, sprawl
January Morning

It’s morning now, clear and quiet.
And I could sleep no longer, so I sit
Watching the wind and the rain
slow-dancing on the asphalt
It would be cold if you weren’t here,
Wrapping a blanket around my shoulders.
You sit beside me, comfortably,
Steeping a mug of your favorite tea.
I lean my head on your shoulder
It fits securely, like I had laid it there
A thousand times before, until it belonged.
I think that falling in love might be like this.
12th-Jul-2004 05:30 pm - Walking the Razor's Edge
Dresden Kiss
I carve the walls of the candle
The wax spilling across ink-stained fingers
As the wick is shrivelled and devoured with flame
The pain is fleeting and sharp
Like the prick of the razor's edge
As it slips across my skin
Delicate in the path of the uncompromising blade
The sharp red metallic taste of blood
As I lick the flesh of my wrist
Life seeping out with each thrumming beat
My head grows hazy
As I exorcise my heart of you
As my lifeblood drains you out
My heart beats my will alone
As the drumbeat whispers

July 10, 2004, 12:00 A.M.
12th-Jul-2004 02:06 am - Unearthing an ancient text
Scarlet_bugg left a piece of paper at my house tonight, by accident, as it liberated itself from her journal, and I discovered it to be a poem she O'farrell and I (kecky) wrote ages ago at Barnes and Noble one evening/ afternoon. Since I've been wanting a copy, I have decided to punk it and share it here. =) *evil laugh*


Your form is a pillar of flame. I'm threatened by your closeness.
It invades my resolve and sabotages my resistance,
I sometimes feel like you've stolen my very essence.
Read more...Collapse )

heh heh, I think that was the day we were asked to hush ourselves for fear of offending a very stuffy man (and supposedly his submissive wife and child) with our bawdy poetry.
Still makes me smile just to think about it. =)
10th-Jul-2004 04:34 pm - Duel~ May 30th, 2004
I don't Know

But I don't know anything, Officer.
I am but a simple maid
I was dusting books in the library,
when I heard a piercing scream.

I am but a simple maid,
A comely lass about her work
When I heard a piercing scream
That's when I broke the Ming!

A comely lass about her work
I's a good girl, I am!
That's when I broke the Ming,
And spied the dark cloaked man.
I's a good girl...Collapse )
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