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Writers vs. Writers
Delirium Topic: "Vixen" 
29th-Dec-2007 10:47 pm

The saucy way her hips swayed
Keeping time to an inaudible beat
The perfect curve of sultry lips
The eyes so full of heat

Born in a hot month, she smoulders
Her feet know the paths of desire
The sweep of her hair speaks of passion
As she sets all of mankind on fire

She carries a book full of lovers
Her needs have still not been met
On cold nights she heats like an oven
An equal has not been born yet

Her red dress couldn't fit any tighter
Her height is an elegant line
Her words could ignite the most pious
She can make the most-hardened heart pine

There isn't a man she's left standing
Before her she's watched them all fall
If the Devil was chilled by a fever
She'll be ready to answer the call

That woman won't live to be forty
Her fire will burst into flame
But every passion therafter
Will bear the imprint of her name

12/29/2007   RB
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