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Writers vs. Writers
Delirium Topic: "Cheating at Scrabble" 
29th-Dec-2007 10:31 pm
You've always had a commanding way about you
Power of intimidation has always been your pride
How could I object to your elegant passion
Though I've always felt like a garment you've cast aside

I won't fall for your pomp any longer
I'm afraid your last call's overdue
I've no call now to hide in your shadow
It's a sad thing you don't have a clue

I always knew you were lying 
How you act like a king of the rabble
You forced your control over everything
You were even cheating at scrabble

This is the last game we'll play
I've grown sick of your feculent glower
Our relationship smells of decay
Get your skinny ass back in the shower!

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