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Writers vs. Writers
29th-Dec-2007 10:47 pm - Delirium Topic: "Vixen"

The saucy way her hips swayed
Keeping time to an inaudible beat
The perfect curve of sultry lips
The eyes so full of heat

Born in a hot month, she smoulders
Her feet know the paths of desire
The sweep of her hair speaks of passion
As she sets all of mankind on fire

She carries a book full of lovers
Her needs have still not been met
On cold nights she heats like an oven
An equal has not been born yet

Her red dress couldn't fit any tighter
Her height is an elegant line
Her words could ignite the most pious
She can make the most-hardened heart pine

There isn't a man she's left standing
Before her she's watched them all fall
If the Devil was chilled by a fever
She'll be ready to answer the call

That woman won't live to be forty
Her fire will burst into flame
But every passion therafter
Will bear the imprint of her name

12/29/2007   RB
 " The honesty/intimacy that comes right before you fall asleep next to someone you trust"

(I'm not so pleased with this one)

As the night falls to a hush
I hear the whisper-lullaby of the sheets
As our bodies settle into rest for the night
The busy pace of day has ceased 
We are at last alone together
I realize I am completely vulnerable to you now
But the knowledge brings me strange peace.
It's the feeling of honesty and intimacy 
Falling asleep beside someone you trust
In this small window-
All is right with the world.

RB 12/27/2007
You've always had a commanding way about you
Power of intimidation has always been your pride
How could I object to your elegant passion
Though I've always felt like a garment you've cast aside

I won't fall for your pomp any longer
I'm afraid your last call's overdue
I've no call now to hide in your shadow
It's a sad thing you don't have a clue

I always knew you were lying 
How you act like a king of the rabble
You forced your control over everything
You were even cheating at scrabble

This is the last game we'll play
I've grown sick of your feculent glower
Our relationship smells of decay
Get your skinny ass back in the shower!

4th-May-2007 09:23 pm - sunday 29th
lean back
The evening of sunday 29th rolled in with ominous
clouds and wind that ripped through the eucalyptus trees
he sat in a restaurant, waiting for her to come
constantly checking his cellphone for the time
or for a message to say she was on the way
she sat on her back porch, phone off, door locked.
Smoking the cigarettes she always hid from him
one by one. Determined to finish the pack with
a bottle of red wine by her feet to wash the taste of ash away.
She didn’t know why she didn’t go. It would have been kinder
to directly refuse the ring he had been keeping in his tie drawer,
but she found she couldn’t. Hating herself for cowardice,
even as the rain and lightning drowned out his knocking.
16th-Aug-2006 06:45 pm - ~*Marbles*~
Something silly to offer on the topic.

Turning my head
Side to side
I hear the oddest sound
Of my sanity cracking
And falling to rubble
And all that rattling
Has made my composure falter
My eyes stare vacantly and wild
As something slips
From within my ear
At my feet are little spheres
Polished shiny by the friction
Of knocking about in my skull
I’ve lost my marbles
Maybe I’ll use them
Brightly colored as they are
To line a fountain
Or a fishbowl
Or perhaps I’ll break them down further
To make a mosaic table
That way my mind will always be with me
Even when it’s not
I think it may be more useful then

8/16/06 RB
11th-Aug-2006 06:17 pm - new topic!
does my eyeshadow match my curtians?

Kecky, you get to pick the next one. ♥
5th-Oct-2005 04:50 pm(no subject)
is there no intelligent life on earth?
found in the pursuit of linguistics:

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously
20th-Jul-2005 10:52 pm - Masquerade
Dropped into this waltz of devils
I saunter with the best of them,
A wake of dead men in each step
To hide away my fairer gem.

Under the scourge of this black flag
I am disguised and curse like men...
We're California's own pirates-
Swashbucklers dressed in Armani.
     Now let this board meeting begin!

* A neglected delirium from nearly a year ago... bad Cheeky!
Would you fancy another Frapp M'luv?
Why I do believe I do.
This is a posh establishment,
Would you pass me a book or two?
Care for a game of Masterpiece?
Isn't that Frapp-boy divine?
Are you prepared for Literati?
My- this scone is sublime.
I'm reading the most interesting article,
Can you believe what they've said is true?
Bad accents over coffee**
Can be awfully good for you.

~RB 7/3/05

**actual delirium topic
29th-Nov-2004 09:02 am - PIcfic: Cleptomaniacs?
"Does that inspire you?" The usual smut with an unusual twist. Write whatever boats your float; be it short story, poem, hate mail, or self help on topic. Just write! *shakes finger at self especially*
14th-Oct-2004 05:23 pm - Word Association

Response ExampleCollapse )
14th-Oct-2004 11:16 am - ABC Poem: Winter Solstice
Another day has passed on
By and trees
Cannot begin to reason why
Dawn and dusk mesh as one
Eclipsing sun motes,
Fall is past long
Gone into frigid
Heathers of frozen pines and
Icicle daggers weilded by
Jester snowmen with blood stained coal,
Kindergarten demons on patrol
Laughing with
Maniacal zeal, these
Nordic sentries
Oval snow gluttons,
Posing threats to dusty angels on a
Quest for furry liberty and
Righting wrongs inflicted by evil
Snowmen who would rule as
Tyrants with cold
Unjust, in the
Vast expanse of a defiled
Winter plunderland's longest
Yesterday, this war
Zone of determined fluffy playthings.

* I parry kecky's challenge!
4th-Oct-2004 07:46 pm - Oh forget it.
I tried issuing a challenge, but I found even myself to be unresponsive. I just wasn't inspired. So, new challenge.

ABC poetry
26 lines, each starting with a letter of the alphabet, alphabetically of course. And all starting in full words, not a for A, the for t, etc. If you can't think of something as a topic persay, use "the abyss" from the previous post.
I'll start it off by commenting to this post. It's actually rather fun, so I hope someone will want to try it.
Poem. Any length, any style.

Topic: "the abyss"

If anyone doesn't like the topic, tell me!! and I will pick a new one. But something must be done!
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